meet information


This is a USATF Sanctioned Track Meet 

Sponsored by the Pacific Association 

Saturday, March 28, 2020 

Sheldon High School

8333 Kingsbridge Drive, Sacramento, CA 95829

Team Packet Pickup Start Time:  7:30 am 

Field Events Start Time:  8:30 am 

Running Events Start Time 8:30 am 

** All Tents/Tarps allowed at TOP of bleachers only (this will be enforced). You may also place them on the sides of both sets of bleachers on the visitor side, and on the side of the bleachers closest to the practice field on the home side. You may not block the vendor booths or the clerking area. This will be enforced. 

Eligibility:  Any boy or girl in the following divisions: 

Age Division 

Birth Year 

8 or younger * 

2012 +  

9 - 10-year olds * 

2010 - 2011 

11 – 12-year olds * 

2008 - 2009 

13 – 14-year olds ** 

2006 - 2007 

15 - 16/17-18-year olds ** 

2001 - 2005 (2000, if born after July 27th) 


* can compete in up to 3 events.  ** can compete in up to 4 events. 

 USATF Membership: Not required but desired  

  • Registration:  

Registration into the meet must be received by midnight March 24, 2020 

 Clubs / schools register at AthleticNet:

No same day registrationno exceptions! 

  • Cost: $9/ per athlete - Payment will be collected at the time of online registration 

  • FREE for spectators  

  • Awards: Ribbons will be awarded 1st through 6th place in each heat.  Athletes will collect running event awards at the finish line after each heat.  Field event awards will be distributed at the field event. Medals will be awarded 1st through 3rd place for the top finishers overall for each event. 

  • Results will be posted at the Awards table (next to the gym) upon completion of each event and on the PA/USATF website within 2-days after the meet is completed. 

  • Snack bar and Food Trucks will be available (Sheldon High School does not allow BBQs to be used anywhere on campus, not even in parking lots)  

  • Access to clerking area: Clerking area is only for running events. All field events check in at the field event location.  Athletes must be race ready or they cannot enter the clerking area.

  • Access to infield: No coaches on infield except coaches clearly displaying 2020 PA/USATF membership ID cards and assisting group 1 and 2 long jumpers setting marks. Coaches must leave when the event begins.  

(916) 549-5153  

Order of Events 

Girls will compete first, followed by the Boys  Running Events  

  • 1500m Run (all age groups)  - waterfall
  • 100m (all age groups) 
  •  400m Run (all age groups)  
  •  50m Tiny Tot Sprint (5 years old and younger)   
  • 800m (all age groups) - waterfall
  • 110m Hurdles (15-18 boys)  
  • 100m Hurdles (13-14 girls/boys, 15-18 girls) 
  • 80m Hurdles (11-12 age group)  
  • 200m Dash (all age groups)

Field Events  

  •  Long Jump (all age groups; 2 pits – 1 for girls, 1 for boys)   
  • Turbo Javelin (11-12, 9-10, 8 and under)  
  • Shot Put (all age groups)